We Tried The New Foundation Everyone Is Talking About

There are always products that get hyped up by the press, and Marc Jacobs’ new Shameless foundation was definitely one of them. His beauty range is picking up a following, and this new foundation collection is a step in a new direction. For one, Marc Jacobs is hearing what’s going on in the world, and they’ve […]

Creating Inspiring Gathering Spaces

As the holidays approach, many of us find ourselves looking to create the perfect gathering space.  In this post, we explore different rooms in the home and highlight essential design elements that make them comfortable places to entertain. The Living Room For the living room, we love using custom-configured sectionals.  Keeping the Halandale sectional in […]

How To Make Everyday A Good Hair Day

Are you guys the type that washes your hair daily, every other day, or a couple times a week? I for one love day 2 and 3 hair! By day 2 and 3, any frizz has calmed down and your hair is a lot more manageable and just works better in your favorite messy bun, […]